Hearing Aids Technology – 2017 Top 3 Innovations

Hearing Aids TechnologyMany elderly people experience varying degrees of hearing loss. While traditional hearing aids have offered some assistance, they have many faults and have left users unsatisfied or unwilling to continue use. Leading hearing aid companies are working to create innovative solutions. Here are the top three innovations in hearing aids for 2017.

one of the issues people encounter with hearing aids is the lack of adjustment options. Most hearing aids are designed for one fixed environment. Specific hearing aids also work best for people in different stages of hearing loss. This means individuals often need to upgrade or purchase new hearing aids as they are hearing loss progresses. Users may also find themselves buying different hearing aids for various environmental situations. This becomes costly and is sometimes simply impossible for people to manage. Luckily, a company called Unitron recently developed hearing aids that are adjustable to any environment and change with the user’s needs.

RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aids are generally known to be the most effective. However, they are too large for users with smaller ear canals. This forced many people to choose ITE (in the ear) hearing aids. Now, manufacturers have developed tiny RIC devices so everyone can experience the highest quality of sound regardless of their ear canal size.

Sound Focus
hearing aids typically cancel background noise to focus on a single voice for one-on-one conversations. This is great. However, it makes group conversations difficult for those with hearing loss. When focusing on one voice, others in the group are canceled out as background noise. Oticon has created a solution. Their new hearing aids focus on groups while canceling out background noise. The ability to determine the difference between background sound and group voices is a much-needed innovation.

The hearing aids industry is constantly working to improve their products to deliver solutions for those with hearing loss. This is particularly useful for seniors because so many suffer from hearing loss.

Inspired Living at Kenner – Featured Community

Inspired LivingOur featured community for september is Inspired Living at Kenner. This newly built community is located in Kenner Louisiana, just 11 miles from New Orleans. It’s great location is only one of the amazing characteristics of this community. The innovation, amenities, and attention to detail are what really make this community stand out.


Inspired Living at Kenner is equipped to house seniors along different stages of the elder care continuum. Whether your loved one is independent, or needs various types of assistance, this community offers something for everyone.


Types of housing

  • Assisted living
  • Memory care



This community has a wide range of amenities, including a swimming pool, putting green, and dog park. Activities and devotional opportunities are provided on and off-site. Transportation is also available for those needing assistance getting off-site. Residents are encouraged to socialize in common areas.



This high-tech community offers the latest in senior housing technology. The most important being a real time tracking system. The RTLS by Skynet Healthcare Tech effectively tracks residents and provides the highest level of safety and security for everyone.


Visit  the official Inspired Living Kenner page for more information.