Featured Community – Inspired Living at Sugar Land


Inspired Living at Sugar LandLocated 20 miles outside of Houston, Texas, Inspired Living at Sugar Land is scheduled to open its doors this fall. It is a newly constructed community offering top-of-the-line amenities for seniors across the eldercare continuum. Inspired Living communities stand out from the crowd by providing resident centered care, tailored to each individual’s needs  

Levels of care

  •         Independent living
  •         Assisted-living
  •         Memory care

Featured services

  •         Activities – A wide range of enriching programs are available to residents at all levels of care. On and off-site activities are scheduled regularly.
  •         Innovative technology –  High-tech resident tracking system and keyless entry by Skynet Healthcare Technologies offer safety and security measures that few other communities can match.
  •         Chef prepared nutritious meals
  •         24/7 licensed nursing staff available
  •         Devotional services on and off-site


  •         Swimming pool and hot tub
  •         Walking paths
  •         Garden and courtyard
  •         Beauty/barber shop
  •         Library
  •         Pet friendly

This community offers studio, one and two-bedroom apartments for independent and assisted-living residence. The level of care can be adjusted as needed. This is one of our favorite qualities of Inspired Living communities. Residents remain in the community as their needs shift.

If you would like more information on this community, please visit the Inspired Living at Sugar Land website.


4 Simple Cell Phones for Seniors

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. Most people couldn’t imagine life without their devices. Our phones allow us to remain connected to the world. The benefits of owning a cell phone extend far beyond convenience. For the elderly, it can literally be life-saving. Not only do cell phones provide a way for seniors to communicate with friends and family, but they also offer safety and security. Many phones today, designed specifically for the elderly, include attributes to assist with the unique needs of aged people. Here, we will look at the top  cell phones for seniors.


Jitterbug -Best phones for seniors

This is the most popular and well-known phone for seniors. It is simple to use. Jitterbug has flip phone and smart phone models. Ease of use is probably the best characteristic of these products. They have very large numbers and simple “yes-no” navigation. The speaker volume is quite loud for those experiencing hearing loss. Verbal instructions for voicemail set up are useful. Overall, jitterbug devices are extremely easy to use mobile phones. They also come with some optional features.

  • Urgent care – This service allows the phone owner to connect with medical professionals at any time. Doctors and nurses are available to give medical advice and can even prescribe medication over the phone.
  • Caregiver app – This application allows caregivers and family members to login and check on their loved one. GPS tracking shows the precise location of the phone.
  • Five-star emergency call – There is a large “five-star” button on the phone that connects directly to an emergency call system. This is not only useful for medical emergencies, but can also be used if the individual is experiencing mental or emotional issues.

The smart phone model of the Jitterbug does have Internet surfing capabilities and email. The flip phone, however, is very basic, offering texts and calls only.


 Snapfon ezTWO

Snapfon ezTWO-Best phone for seniors

This phone has large buttons and similar to the others, is specifically built for seniors. With a simplistic design, it is intended for making calls and sending texts only. It does not offer Internet access. Additional options include:

  • Speaking keyboard – A great feature for those with low vision.
  • SOS emergency – Pressing and holding down the large button on the back of the phone sends a text to designated contacts. It also sets off an alarm, which can be disabled if you prefer.


Doro Phone Easy 626

Doro Phone Easy 626- Best phone for seniors
Doro at Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona

This is another flip phone designed with simplicity in mind. It features large, raised buttons and high-volume speakers. Some of the additional features include:

  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Emergency call -By pressing one button, a call is automatically placed to the contact of your choice.

While this phone lacks some of the “bells and whistles”, it is a durable, uncomplicated to use mobile phone. Future models are planned to include remote options. This will allow loved ones to make changes to the phone settings from a distance. So, if the phone owner is unable to set up the phone or change things, someone else can do it remotely.


Cricket LG True

Cricket LG True- Best Phone for Senior

This is a basic, no-frills flip phone. Fewer features can be a beneficial quality if a person is easily overwhelmed by technology or too many options. There is not much to become confused about with this phone.  The low cost is the primary reason this device is popular among seniors. The phone itself is very inexpensive and Cricket offers several extremely low cost plans. Cricket has a number of phones, including smartphones. The LG True is the only  Cricket phone recommended for seniors. However, their plans are cheap, so if you know an elderly person who wants a fancier phone, this company might be a good choice.

All  of these phones are “pay-as-you-go” plans, with no contracts or cancellation fees. it’s important to note that each phone has its own carrier and network. This means, you cannot add one of these phones to a current plan with your own carrier like Verizon or AT&T for example.The actual phones are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to the average cost of a smart phone. If you are seeking a smart phone for an elderly person, all the major   manufacturers have wonderful accessibility features. The phones listed above have some great video tutorials on YouTube. Watch videos  below for more information: