Visually Impaired Seniors Benefit from Innovative Electronic Glasses

Many people living in senior housing communities are visually impaired. Macular Degeneration and other eye disorders heavily impact aging individuals. There are a number of Low vision aids that make life a little easier, but nothing is quite as advanced as the E-sight glasses. This innovative product provides a new level of independence for the visually impaired.

How they work
These glasses are called “electronic glasses.” Two small digital screens rest in front of the eyes. A tiny camera between the eyes captures video and feeds it into the screens. The user can magnify the image up to 23 times, change the contrast and color.

Unique characteristics
E- sight is the first device of its kind. Because it is wearable, the user can walk around with the glasses on for assistance in nearly every aspect of life. They are great for distance viewing. For example, reading street signs and navigating while on a walk. They can also be used for close viewing, like reading a book and watching television.

Intended users
Anyone with severe vision loss may be a candidate for these glasses. It is recommended to contact the company for a demonstration before purchasing. Because vision loss is so unique to each person, not everyone will benefit from this type of device. There are a few different models and the price ranges from $10,000-$15,000. The newest version is smaller and less expensive. However, most aging people find the older version easier to use because the controls are larger and simplified. These glasses would not be great for an elderly person with dementia or other mental impairments. They are not simple to use and will take time for anyone to master.

See the video below for more information