Seniors Stay Connected through Video Conferencing

Seniors Videoconferencing services like Skype help seniors stay connected to friends and family. In today’s fast-paced environment, it is sometimes difficult to stay in touch with those we love. Video conferencing allows people to see each other. This provides a deeper level of communication than what is available on a traditional telephone call. We know how important it is for elderly people to nurture social connections. Imagine a grandparent having a video call with her grandchild who lives hundreds of miles away. This child shares a picture he drew just for his grandma and gets to show it to her in real time. Compare that to a traditional phone call where the child simply tells grandma he drew her a picture. The difference in these two types of communication is staggering. Video conferencing has a significant positive impact on the mental and emotional lives of aging adults by strengthening social bonds.


Problems and Solutions

  • Low vision – Some seniors struggle with low vision problems. This can make video conferencing difficult and less beneficial. Luckily, there are systems that hook straight to an hd television. This allows people to experience their video calls directly on the tv. This is a wonderful solution for elderly people that suffer from vision loss.
  • Hearing loss –  Those with hearing loss may struggle with verbal communication during a conference call. Headphones are available which are specifically designed for those with hearing impairment. The volume can be turned up very high without disturbing others in the room, and many of them offer a noise cancellation feature.
  • Complicated technology –  Many people believe that video conferencing is too complex for older people. However, this is generally not the case. There are a number of solutions that simplify the process. Usually, if a tech-savvy individual handles the initial configuration and set up, the elderly person can easily learn how to use it.


Video conferencing is proving to be an asset for senior citizens. Senior care communities might consider creating a video conference calling area, similar to a phone booth of the past; this would be a shared space where residents could speak to and see their loved ones.